Nuclear Power Plant (Simpsons Road Rage)
Downtown (Simpsons Road Rage)
Springfield Mountains (Simpsons Road Rage)
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Downtown is the fifth level in The Simpsons Road Rage and has the most locations and features all the characters in the game. Since it is the prime urban core of Springfield this level has the most bus stops in the game with 23 stops.


1. Krusty Burger
2. Springfield Plasma Center (Barney, Dr. Nick)
3. Helter Shelter
4. Painless Dentistry
5. Cathedral of the Downtown (Flanders, Rev. Lovejoy)
6. 24 Seven
7. Saint Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls
8. Krusty's Clown College (Krusty, Homer)
9. Springfield International Airport
10. Area 51A
11. The Little Black Box (Moe, Homer, Barney)
12. Legitimate Businessman's Social Club (Moe, Homer, Bart)
13. Springfield Revolving Restaurant
14. Monty Burns Casino
15. Popsicle Stick Skyscraper
16. 50-ft. Magnifying Glass
17. Channel 6 Studios
18. Springfield General Hospital (Bumblebee Man, Dr. Nick, Grampa)
19. Springfield County Court House (Mayor Quimbe, Snake, Nelson, Chief Wiggum)
20. Statue of Jebediah Springfield
21. Springfield Town Hall
22. The Copy Jalopy
23. Springfield Palace of Fine Arts (Otto Mann)
24. Gas Station 1
25. Springfield Convention Center
26. Escalator to Nowhere
27. Springfield Stadium
28. Shorty's
29. Whacking Day Park
30. Big T Burgers and Fries
31. Chez Pierre
32. The Happy Sumo
33. Phineas Q. Butterfat's 5600 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor
34. Lard Lad Donuts
35. Springfield Drive-In
36. The Android's Dungeon (Bart. Millhouse, Comic Book Guy, Squeaky Voice Teen)
37. Department of Motor Vehicles (Otto)
38. Springfield Observatory
39. Springfield Police Station (Chief Wiggum, Ralph, Mayor Quimbee)
40. Abandoned aqueduct

41. Frink's Apartment (Frink, Snake)

42. Nelson's House (Nelson)