The Fight Before Christmas
Donnie Fatso
Moms I'd Like to Forget
Homer: And the only one who ever shot anyone is the baby.

Fat Tony: In the strip club of my heart, you held the key to the champagne room. I loved you, man. 
(Fat Tony has a Heart Attack. FBI Agents and Police arrive. A Female FBI Agent checks Fat Tony's pulse)
Female FBI Agent: He's dead.
Homer:'re wrong...Check again!
FBI Agent: Forget about it.
(Homer's wig catches fire. Homer sobs.)

Fat Tony: I hope Heaven's powder room is painted that eggshell blue you could never achieve on Earth.

FBI Agent: You will be known as Nicky "Bluepants" Altosaxophony.
Homer: Can I keep the name after I'm done?
FBI Agent: No. It belongs to the government.

Homer: Wow, I've never seen a mobster use a track suit for exercising.

Lunch lady: You know this is made from rancid pigeons?
Homer: Just get the ladle down there deep. That's where the beaks are.

Homer: Poor Tony. He didn't deserve this. He was just a solider in a war he started.

Fat Tony: To heterosexual male friendship. The kind the ancient Greeks wrote about.

Krusty: If Jews control the media, why can't I get on Jimmy Kimmel?

Bart: Ugh, I don't even want to smell sparkling apple juice again.

Moe: Eh, it was either this or put in a ladies' room.

(Homer's stint as a Mob informant has indirectly led to Fat Tony's death)
FBI agent: Homer, I just want you to know that, out of all the informants the FBI has ever had, you were the snitchiest.
Homer: (bitterly) Oh, I see. You use me to kill a man, and all I get is a handshake and a blanket!
FBI agent: I never shook your hand.
Other FBI agent: And we never said you could have the blanket. (takes the blanket away)

(Homer is talking with "Fit Tony", Fat Tony's cousin)
Homer: Wow, the killers have been kind to me...while the people who are supposed to protect me treated me like dirt! What kind of a world is this?
Fit Tony: It's pretty screwed up, that's why I keep my friends close...
Homer: And your enemies closer?
Fit Tony: No! Why would I do that? If I they were close, they would kill me!

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