Don Brodka, full name Donald Wilson Brodka, is the store detective at Try-N-Save.[1] He catches Bart stealing a video game (Bonestorm) from the Try-N-Save. Brodka is a heavy smoker and tends to confuse the Ten Commandments. Brodka is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, as he is seen with a tattoo that reads "USMC" and has the eagle, globe and anchor emblem of the Corps. He is also seen in his office snacking on cheese & crackers in the small packages where the cheese spread comes with crackers ready-made with the spreading utensil. His favorite saying is: "If I wanted smoke blown up my ass, I'd be at home with a pack of cigarettes and short length of hose." Often is he known to end his sentences with "Uh-huh" inappropriately.

Brodka is later seen laughing at Nelson[2] along with many other residents of Springfield. During Trappuccino, he joined the angry mob that wanted Homer dead[3] for dumping in Lake Springfield.