Don't Rain on My Parade is a song originally from the 1964 musical Funny Girl. It is sung by Lisa to Marge and Andrew Rannells during the epispode How Lisa Got Her Marge Back.


Lisa: Don't tell me not live
Just sit and putter!
Life's candy and the sun's
A ball of butter!
Don't bring around a cloud
Lisa and a boy: To rain on my parade!
Lisa: My parade!
Boy: Sorry!
Lisa: Don't tell me not to fly
I simply got to!
If someone takes a spill,
it's me, and not you!
Who told you you're allowed
to rain on my parade?!
Get ready for me, Love
'cause I'm a comer!
I simply got to march
My heart's a drummer!
Nobody, no Nobody
Is gonna rain on My parade!!