Do You Want Lies With That? is a documentary made by Declan Desmond. It features him eating Krusty Burgers for a whole month.


Declan Desmond arrives in the auditorium of Springfield Elementary, explaining one of his works, Do You Want Lies With That?. In the film, Declan approaches Homer at Krusty Burger and questions him about Krusty using mad cow beef to avoid budget cuts. Homer objects, as the consumer, because they pass on the savings, which resulted in him yammering.

Desmond then spoke to Krusty in his office and asks him if he's ashamed to lend his likeness to substandard food. Krusty explains that he gives people a "meat-like burger and some kind of cola, and they still get change back from their fifty." Desmond then shows Krusty footage of himself stapling abandoned, half-eaten burgers.[1]

In another documentary of the same name and subject, Declan decides to eat nothing but Krusty Burger for a whole month to show how bad it is for you. He films a scene with Mr. Teeny rubbing the burgers with his butt, which Krusty points out is covered by a board saying that burgers may contain monkey ass hair.

Declan begins putting on a lot of weight and Dr. Hibbert says that his cholesterol is high and that he can scrape it off his skin. Declan eventually is unable to move and could not live without some form of nugget entering his body. He passes out on the ground and Krusty tries to turn his meat into hot dogs for his restaurant, but at the end the caption says that Declan got better and that only his foot became a hot dog.[2]


Edna Krabappel's class watched this on a movie day. It gave Bart the idea to make Nelson fat so he couldn't be a bully any more.[3]


  • This is a parody of the documentary Super Size Me.
  • The name is a reference to the phrase "do you want fries with that?".