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Dismembered Family couch gag
Trampoline Couch
The title of this article is a conjectural. Though the topic is found within The Simpsons universe, a proper name is not available.

The Dismembered Family couch gag is the fourth couch gag of Season 6.


The Simpson family members are built à la Frankenstein’s monster with each others body parts. For example:

Homer has Lisa's body, Bart's legs, and Maggie's arms.

Marge has Homer's body, Homer's torso on her back, Lisa's leg, Bart's arm, and Homer's arm.

Maggie has Bart's body, Marge's legs, and Marge's arms.

Lisa has part of Maggie's body, her arms, Marge's body, and Homer's leg.

Bart has Maggie's body, and still has his arms.

They try to retrieve their own parts, but it’s not an improvement.(Halloween episode)

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