Diary of Eliza Simpson was a diary written by Eliza Simpson.


While looking for some nice ancestors, Lisa found the diary in the attic. She started reading it and learned that Eliza helped Colonel Burns' slave Virgil to escape. oh yeah sorry I farted and weather Libre soy no puedo in Panama Homer then told her that she should stop reading the diary because when she learned the whole truth, she may not be able to bear it, and then put the diary in the vent.

However, Lisa took the diary out of the vent and continue reading. She read that Eliza and Virgil were caught by patrolmen.

Unfortunately, the rest of the diary was completely dust. Santa's Little Helper approached it and then sneezed, destroying the whole thing.


April 14, 1860
Dearest diary, today I am the happiest girl in Springfield, because tomorrow I shall get my very first slave.

Saturday, April 14, 1860
Dear Diary,
I must be brief, for tonight is the grand ball
at Colonel Burns's plantation I shall comport
myself like a fine southern lady with just the...

(spoken via flashback:)
In my elegant gown, no one will suspect that I'm actually on a mission to help my very first slave escape to freedom.

April 20th, 1860
A week ago, I had no idea what the future would
bring, which, I guess, is always true of everyone
all the time. (Anyway), Last Saturday night, I went to Colonel Burns's ball.

(spoken via flashback:)
In the confusion, I slipped out of the ball and made my way to the stables, where I was meet Mr. Burns's slave, Virgil. But when I got to the stables, she was nowhere to be seen.

(spoken via flashback:)
As we made our way North, a couple of patrolmen spotted us. Hearts pounding, we fled into the woods. But their horses were fast. Escape seemed impossible.


Lisa reads the second entry as "I shall dress myself in finery like a well-to-do southern belle" instead of "I shall comport myself like a fine southern lady with just the".