Debbie Pinson was a cheerleader at Homer and Marge's old high school.


Homer, when he became class president, went out with her and took her to the ball. However, he saw Marge there and fell in love with her. Since Debbie is an attractive cheerleader, there were plenty of people willing to leave their dates to dance with her.

She rarely uses her "head brain" for anything. This was all seen in an alternate reality though so it didn't actually happen. After her school life, it is unknown what happened to her.

Debbie called Homer before he changed his name to "Max Power" when he became famous for having the same name as a television character on the popular law enforcement drama Police Cops.

She asked Homer if he was still single. Homer replied that he was, even though Marge was sitting next to him in bed. She bears a slight resemblance to Princess Penelope.