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Daphne Burns

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Daphne Burns
Sra burns
Sex Female
Status Deceased
Hair Gray
Age 122[1]
Occupation Retired
Relatives Father: Giuseppe Charles

Husband: Clifford Burns
Children: Charles Montgomery Burns, George Burns, Zeph Burns, Cornelius Burns, Cornelia Hernandez and 10 other unnamed children

First Appearance Rosebud
Voiced By Tress MacNeille

Daphne Burns (Daphne Martha Charles) is Charles Montgomery Burns's mother. She was married to Clifford Burns. She once had an affair with President Taft; Mr. Burns never forgave her. It was revealed in the episode 'Homer the Smithers' that she is 122 years old.


Biography Edit

Daphne Burns was born Daphne Charles in Springfield. Her father was named Giuseppe Charles and he was the son of Italian and German immigrants (although Burns claims he is neither Italian nor Mexican). Her mother was his illegal Mexican immigrant cleaning woman Rosalia Gutierrez. When Daphne was 9, her mother was sent back to Mexico and Daphne never saw her again. Daphne gave birth to her son Charles Montgomery Burns when she was 18.

Children Edit

Daphne had many children, including Charles Montgomery Burns, George Burns, Zeph Burns, Cornelius BurnsCornelia Burns and 10 other unnamed children.[2]

Present Edit

Martha burns

Daphne in the episode 'Rosebud'

Now all she is capable of doing is dialing phone numbers and yelling. It is also referenced that Mr. Burns killed her and her husband when he says that his parents’ cause of death was "Got in my way".[3] However, he implied that he may have attempted to "pull the plug" on her as revenge for her extramarital affair with William Taft, but had not expected her to live another five decades, when Homer attempted to pretend to be his mother as part of a scheme to get Smithers rehired (after Homer unintentionally disconnected his mother from the phone while attempting to transfer the call to his line).[4] When Burns almost dies, he also asks if the voice he hears is his mother, which could mean that she has died. After buying out KBBL and firing Bill and Marty, Mr. Burns comments that the lack of indoor plumbing killed his mother.[5] It is possible that he is actually referring to his grandmother Evelyn Graycomb, who is technically his adoptive mother, much like how he sometimes refers to his grandfather Wainwright Montgomery Burns as his father, as he was forcibly adopted by him during his childhood. In Fraudcast News it is revealed that Daphne Burns is now deceased, her death was caused by the lack of indoor plumbing.

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