Mr. Burns has a mother? She must be a hundred million years old!
―Homer Simpson[src]

Daphne Burns (neé Charles) is Charles Montgomery Burns's mother. She was married to Clifford Burns, and once had an affair with President Taft; Mr. Burns never forgave her. As revealed in the episode "Homer the Smithers", she is 122 years old.


Baby Burns

Toddler Burns and his mother

Daphne had many children, including Charles Montgomery Burns, George Burns, Zeph Burns, Cornelius BurnsCornelia Burns and 10 other unnamed children.[2]


From what has been seen in Homer the Smithers, Daphne has been shown to have a feisty disposition.


Martha burns

Daphne in the episode "Rosebud"

Now all she is capable of doing is dialing phone numbers and yelling. It is also referenced that Mr. Burns killed her and her husband when he says that his parents’ cause of death was "Got in my way".[3] However, he implied that he may have attempted to "pull the plug" on her as revenge for her extramarital affair with William Taft, but had not expected her to live another five decades, when Homer attempted to pretend to be his mother as part of a scheme to get Smithers rehired (after Homer unintentionally disconnected his mother from the phone while attempting to transfer the call to his line).[4] When Burns almost dies, he also asks if the voice he hears is his mother, which could mean that she has died. After buying out KBBL and firing Bill and Marty, Mr. Burns comments that the lack of indoor plumbing killed his mother.[5] Mr. Burns also once asked Smithers where his "stuffed mother" was, implying that his mother is deceased.[6]


  • Her age is most likely a reference to the oldest person who ever lived, Jeanne Calment, who lived up to 122 years old, even though she was only 121 when Homer the Smithers was released.
  • She was a teenage mother, since she gave birth to Mr. Burns when she was only 18 and Mr. Burns is now 104 years old.
  • She may be half-Swedish.