This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Daniel Clowes.

Daniel Clowes is an American comic book writer, best known for creating Ghost World.


When Coolsville Comics & Toys becomes popular, Daniel Clowes, along with Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore, come to the store for a comic book signing. Comic Book Guy jealously tries to sabotage Milo's popularity by pointing out his girlfriend and bribing the children with "Japanese weapons". When these plots do not work, Comic Book Guy tries to use the weapons to destroy Coolsville, but is subdued by Alan and the other authors, who remove their shirts to reveal muscular superhero physiques.

During the autograph session at Coolsville, Lisa praises Daniel for his work. Daniel then asks her if she knows anyone who works at Batman, because he really wants to draw him. He then shows her his pictures of utility belts, with a pocket where Batman keeps his money in case he has to take the bus.