{{Character |name = Cyrus Simpson |image = Cyrus Simpson |sex = Male |status = {{Alive} |hair = Gray |job = WWII bomber pilot |relatives = Parents: Orville Simpson and Yuma Hickman
Siblings: Abraham Simpson, Bill Simpson, Chet Simpson, Hortense Simpson, Tyrone Simpson and Hubert Simpson
Spouses: Fifteen Tahitian wives
Daughter: Valerie Rothman
Son-in-Law: Dave Rothman
Niece: Abbie Simpson
Nephews: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell and Frank Simpson
Niece-in-Law: Marge Bouvier
Great-Nieces: Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson
Great-Nephews: Bart Simpson and Stanley Simpson
Paternal Grandparents: "Old Tut" Simpson and "Happy" Dinsdale
Maternal Grandparents: Willard Hickman and Theodora Hutshing
Great-Grandfathers: Abraham Simpson I, Horatio Dinsdale and Bertram Hickman
Great-Grandmothers: Gabby Crouse, Edwina Forayter and Nellie Balliwick
Great-Great-Grandparents: Virgil Simpson and Mabel Simpson
|appearance = Simpson Christmas Stories |voiced by = Hank Azaria |other statuses = }}

Cyrus Herbert Simpson is Abe's older brother. Cyrus was born in Scotland (he is not Scottish because he does not speak with a Scottish accent) but emigrated to the USA as a child with his family. They were both Navy pilots in World War II, serving together before the Sullivan law was enacted to prevent this. It is unknown if Abe Simpson was assigned to the Flying Hellfish before or after this. Cyrus's plane crashed and was not seen for years after. Cyrus remained in Tahiti where he retired. He now lives with his 15 wives, which he mentioned to Abe Simpson.


Cyrus and Abe on duty during WWII.