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Cyrus 15 wives

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Cyrus' 15 wives
Wives Cyrus with his wives and Abe
Sex Female
Hair Black
Relatives Husband: Cyrus Simpson

Brothers in Law: Abraham Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Bill Simpson, Chet Simpson and Hubert Simpson
Nephews: Homer Simpson and Herbert Powell
Niece: Abbie
Father-in-Law Orville Simpson
Mother-in-Law Yuma Hickman Stepdaugther Valerire Rothman.

First Appearance Simpson Christmas Stories

Cyrus' 15 wives are the wives of Cyrus Simpson on the exotic island he crash landed on it WWII. When Abe comments that he must have a lot of sex, Cyrus dryly replies with:"I said wives, not girlfriends." The girls completely agree. They do not appear to be that old, seeming to be in their 20s or possibly early thirties.

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