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Cupcake Kid is a superhero who is played by Bart Simpson. When the evil Snow Queen planned to plunch Springfield in a thousand years of Bitter-Winter, Bart was given the element of Cupcakes and transformed into Cupcake Kid. He later teamed up with House Boy who is in fact his friend Milhouse. On their way to rescue Maggie Simpson, a new superhero joins them introducing herself as The Silencer and they soon find out that it is actually Maggie Simpson. Together, they stop the Snow Queen making her a superhero too.


Cupcake Kid has appeared in Super Simpsons in which he fights the evil Snow Queen along with House Boy and The Silencer. In Super Simpsons 2, Lisa Simpson joins the crew disguised as Lisa The Conjurer to defeat The Collector who is in fact a comic book store owner Comic Book Guy.


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