This is a list of Cultural references to actors and actresses in The Simpsons.

Jim Belushi

  • "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" - While on a plane to Japan, Marge remarks that she never knew that Jim Belushi made so many movies. Homer states that they are filming one on the plane right now, and Belushi passes, wearing a toga and saying "toga! toga! toga... 2000!"

The Three Stooges

  • Bart's Comet - As Principal Skinner looks in the night sky he sees a constellation resembling the Three Stooges.
  • Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) - Bart unsuccessfully suggests to the school they spend the oil money on a way to resurrect The Three Stooges.
  • This Little Wiggy - The robot from the Springfield science museum asks the kids if they've ever wondered which Stooge had the heaviest brain. Nelson imagines himself as a scientist weighing their three brains and deduces Larry's is the heaviest.
  • Sunday, Cruddy Sunday - Homer, Wally and Wiggum run out of the skybox in Three-Stooges fashion.
  • Large Marge - Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter portray the Stooges while building a home for the needy.
  • Simpson Christmas Stories - To get baby Jesus to stop crying, Homer Simpson Joseph performs a Three Stooges fight with a wise man.
  • Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington - Homer and Bart were watching a very late episode of the Three Stooges made when the original characters were old.

John Travolta

  • "Itchy & Scratchy Land" - While visiting Itchy's 70s Disco, Homer remarks that everything in the bar is just like things were in the '70s. Marge agrees and points out that the bartender looks like John Travolta. The bartender says "yeah... looks like..."