Cultural Things Experience

Cultural Things Experience is a song sung by Lisa and Cletus's children in the episode Yokel Chords. The song is a parody of the song "My Favorite Things" from the musical The Sound of Music (the set up also echoes "Portobello Road" from Bedknobs & Broomsticks). The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Michael Price. It is part of the thirty-seventh track on the album The Simpsons: Testify.


These colorful bumps is funny.
And guess what? Ben and Ken the Street Magic Men are only the beginning. The city is a treasure trove of culture and multiculture.
Mistos and lattes and grandes and ventis
Browsing at bookstores with fat cognoscenti.
Comic Book Guy:
Books about Dali, Degas, and Miro,
Those are the folks that you yokels should know.
Pretentious laughs at Bunuel retrospectives
Outsider art made by mental defectives.
Kid #1:
Enjoying opry that ain't grand or ole.
Kid #2:
Comparing Jim Carrey to Dario Fo!
Your minds are opening! Take it home!
Eating tapas
Freestyle rap-as.
Mrs. Skinner is Mame.
Agnes Skinner:
I'll charm the husk right off of your corn!
Lisa and Kids:
We finally experienced cultural things
And now they don't seem
So lame!
What a number! You kids got talent! And I should know, I used to have it.