Cosmic Wars: Holiday Special was a half-hour TV special within the Cosmic Wars franchise that was released in 1978 around the time of Christmas.


Jeffrey Albertson, during Christmas 2014, proceeded to show his wife, Mangaka Kumiko Albertson, the Christmas Special, which he claimed to be the worst half-hour of TV programming ever (barring possibly Cosmic Wars: The Gathering Shadow). While watching through it, he had several complaints about the special, such as sauce and soup being used interchangeably, with Kumiko assuring Jeffrey that he had every reason to be infuriated with the special. He saw it the day before, and admitted he felt just as bad watching it as before.


It opens up with a silver robot wearing a sweater at a soup kitchen, and telling his counterpart, R3, to serve up some soup. R3 complies by opening up his head and revealing a vat of steaming soup inside. As the silver droid is dishing up the soup and pouring it into a blue alien's bowl while telling him "may the sauce be with you" as a laugh track appears.

It then cuts to a gathering of a family wearing black armor as well as heavy breathing, while the patriarch takes out his lightsaber and proceeds to cut the turkey.

Behind the laughter

The special, as well as Comic Book Guy's negative commentary throughout, was a reference to the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special and its similarly poor reception.