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Cosmic Wars

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Cosmic Wars
Cosmic wars
TV Show Information
Genre Sci-Fi
Starring Randall Curtis Jim-Jam Bonks AT-AT
Country of Origin USA
First Appearance "Co-Dependent's Day"

Cosmic Wars is a movie series created by Randall Curtis. A popular feature of the films is their crazy costumes.


Bart and Lisa think that the films have gotten a lot worse since their creation and go to see creator Randall Curtis. Comic Book Guy is a fan of the series and watches the films several times a day.

Randall Curtis said that he stole the plots of first movies from samurai movies.

Behind the LaughterEdit

Cosmic Wars is a parody of Star Wars and characters like Jar Jar Binks . Oddly enough, it was established in previous episodes that "Star Wars" does exist in the Simpsons world. This inconsistency (of the parody existing alongside the object parodied) was never explained.

Appearances Edit

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