Cornelius Morgan was a television, movie & comic memorabilia collector. Cornelius published "Distinguished Monster Monthly" a magazine dedicated to all things fantasy, horror and science fiction. He also directed the Radioactive man movie, based on the camp television show in 1967.


Cornelius is first seen when Bart knocks on his door trying to sell him chocolate. When Cornelius lets him in, Bart is shocked at his vast collection of memorabilia. Cornelius shows Bart the Radioactive man movie that he directed in 1967 and Bart says that with all his stuff, he must be the happiest man alive. Cornelius reveals that he isn't happy and that in one week he will be cyrogenically frozen and put on display in a comic shop in Seattle. He tells Bart that his only sadness is that he has nobody to leave his collection to. Bart then suggests that he holds a contest to find the town's biggest nerd,

The Competition

The competition to see who the biggest nerd in town received a big amount of interest.