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Are you looking for Cookie Kwan?
Sex Male
Status Deceased
Hair White
Occupation Rancher at the Lazy I Ranch
First Appearance "Dude, Where's My Ranch?"
Voiced By Karl Wiedergott

Cookie was the rancher that The Simpsons met at the Lazy I Ranch. He was a good friend to Simpsons. He invited them to dinner and lived with them. At one point Lisa cried to her cabin, and went in bed to see Bart there. When she went on the one above her, Cookie was there. Cookie was also seen shooting a chicken. He has tied it to a stump and pointed the gun at it, commenting, he died at some point before when the Simpsons were leaving the Ranch. Marge pointed to his gravestone.

At the dance it is possible that Cookie was the rancher that Rich Texan mentioned to of accidentally shot and killed with his two guns.

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