"Condiments" is the name of the short that was nominated by the Pixar parody company. It was competing with Bart's short, Angry Dad. It is a parody of "Toy Story", as it is about food condiments (ketchup, peanut butter, mustard etc.) coming to life and avoiding humans seeing them. There was one thing that wasn't a condiment in the film which was a waffle and that is probably why they lost.

Behind the Laughter

  • The movie is a parody of many real-life computer-animated movies,..
  • The Parody of Toy Story

References to Toy Story in Condiments

  • The ketchup bottle is a parody of Woody.
  • The milk bottle resembles a horse and is a parody of Bullseye.
  • The waffle is a parody of Rex the Dinosaur, as it doesn't want to go or get replaced by another dinosaur toy.
  • Timmy is a parody of Andy, the owner of the toys.
  • The salt and pepper shakers are both parodies of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.
  • Timmy sings "Winnie the Pooh" theme or Rango soundtrack.
  • References to Toy Story Characters:
    • The Peanut Bottle resembles Hamm, because he has money, he has peanut butter, and he says "Oh God, I'm empty! Don't let them put pencils in me!".
    • The Tabasco Brothers resemble Zurg, Sid, Stinky Pete and Lotso.
    • Frenchee resembles Buzz Lightyear.
    • The Pickle Jar resembles Jessie.
    • The Mayonnaise Jar resembles Mr. Spell.
    • The Kitchen resembles Andy's bedroom.
  • At one point, one of the condiments falls down the counter while everyone looks down, mirroring how Woody accidentally knocked Buzz out of the window.