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Four Great Women and a Manicure
Coming to Homerica
Homer the Whopper
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Post Production Co-Producer

Dominique Braud

Supervising Director Michael Anderson

Assistant Director Peter "Kid Flash" Gomez

Animation Timer Richard Gasparian

Additional Animation Timers Timothy Bailey

Scott Brutz

Sam Im

Larry Smith

Storyboard Director Steven Dean Moore

Storyboard Artists Brad Ableson

Scott Alberts

Martin Archer

Storyboard Consultant Jim Reardon

Character Designers Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Joseph Wack

Eric S. Keyes

Kevin M. Newman

Kevin Moore

Peter "Kid Flash" Gomez

Background Designers Lance Wilder

Lynna Blankenship

Sean Coons

T.J. Kim

Debbie Peterson

Charles Ragins

Dean Scammahorn

Prop Designers Jefferson R. Weekley

John Krause

Character Layout Artists Manny A. DeGuzman

Cynthia French

Edward Ghertner

Ernest Keen

Eric Koening

Istvan Majoros

Maeve McGrath

Oscar Pangestu

Tibor A. Belay

Craig Clark

Eduardo Olivares

Gregg Vanzo

Dwayne Carey-Hill

Linda Dorn

Rich Moore

J.C. Wegman

Sondra S. Roy

Mark Ervin

Michael Anderson

Bob Anderson

Grant Lee

Boowan Lee

Lois Lee

Viorel Voronca

Martin Archer

Jang Woo Lee

Chance Raspberry

Jay Robinson

Ryan Rivette

Shane K. Sowell

Jason Warnesky

Joshua Taback

Herman Sharaf

Lauren MacMullan

Adam Dystka

Dane Romley

Jeffrey P. Johnson

Lead Effects Animator Brice Mallier

Effects Animators Jeff Topping

Masa Oshiro

David Lee

John MacFarlane

Rosanna Lyons

Cynthia Neill Knizek

Alfred Holter

John Allan Armstrong

Dorse A. Lanpher

Ted C. Kierscey

Jack Boyd

Lead Background Layout Artist Javier Pineda

Background Layout Artists Samuel Ho

John Liu

Daniel Chiu

Adam Greeley

Jennifer Yuan

Gang Peng

Gary Mouri

Background Painters Dennis Venizelos

Phillip Phillipson

Andrew Richards Phillipson

Gloria Wood

CG Animator Brent M. Bowen

Color Design Director Dima Malanitchev

Color Design Supervisor Karen Bauer

Color Designers Amy Rychlick

Anne Legge

Chris Bolden

Eli Balser

Sandra Lee Calleros

Assistant Color Designers Lisa S. Waggoner

Mike Battle

Retake Director Gabriel DeFrancesco

Retake Timer Carlton Batten

Scene Planner Erika Isabel Vega

Animation Checkers William A. BeMiller

Glenn Higa

Esther H. Lee

Animatic Editors Eric Loudon

Martin Alvarez

Heliodoro Salvatierra

Lip Sync Robyn Anderson

Track Reader Laurie Wetzler

Animation Associate Producer Jaspreet Dhillon

Animation Production Managers Peter Gave

Trista H. Navarro

Animation Production Design Supervisor Deanna Asato

Animation Production Coordinators Elizabeth Ableson

Rob Brunette Jr.

Taylor Allen

Amanda Byrnes

Animation Production Assistants Brooks Stonestreet

Anglea Wixtrom

Nikki Isordia

Matt Battle

Animation Digital Production Assistants Ashley Bamburg

Lejon Douroux

Animation Production Associates Desirre E. Craig

Anna Pagan

Animation Production Accountant William Anderson

Animation Post Production Supervisor Michael G. Mahan

Assistant Film Editor Kurtis S. Kunsak

Digital Retakes Steve Mills

Beth S. Morris

Telecine Level 3 Post, Larry Field

Executive Director of IT Charles McCaskill

Tape Room Supervisor Felix Sanchez

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