Cafe Kafka

Cafe Kafka is a coffee shop that appears in "Little Girl In The Big Ten" Lisa Simpson went out with Carrey and Tina and other students from Springfield University. The former poet laureate Robert Pinsky (played by himself) read Impossible To Tell.

In a later scene when everybody has gone home, only Tina, Carrey, Lisa, Robert Pinsky and two other male students from Springfield University stayed behind as Pinsky tells them how he walked past the Ovals and he heard the president saying "Pinsky, where's my poem?" As he thought the poem was due till Tuesday, and one night Robert makes a poem up, as he is pulling all different ideas from his "ass" and when he was finished, the President said to him "Pinsky, you've done it again. Ka-ching!" 

Realising that she has an assignment to do for tomorrow in Social Studies, Lisa runs out of the coffee shop, leaving her two college friends, two other college boys and Robert Pinsky who asks them all if Lisa put in for the pizza, which no one answers his question.