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Yay! A crossover always brings out the best in each show! It certainly doesn't smack of desperation. The priorities are always creative and not driven by marketing...
―Chris Griffin in the episode, The Simpsons Guy

Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin is one of the main characters from American animated sitcom, Family Guy. He is the son of Lois and Peter Griffin and the brother of Meg and Stewie Griffin. He also lives with a talking dog, Brian Griffin.


In the episode Homerland, Chris appeared in the ending credits. The ending credits had a reprise of the episode's couch gag, where The Simpsons, along with the characters for a bunch of other FOX TV shows such as Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and Bob's Burgers were all having a 25th season of The Simpsons party. Chris was depicted as a Simpsonized version of himself, looking mainly the same as she does in the Family Guy series, only with the one vital difference of his skin being yellow.

In the episode The Simpsons Guy, Chris had to leave Quahog with the rest of his family to get away from a bunch of angry feminists who were mad at his father's comics. At the beginning of the episode, he made a fourth-wall joke, watching a crossover between All in the Family and Modern Family, listing off a bunch of negative things that crossovers usually do, such as being driven by marketing. When he went to Springfield, he lived in the Simpson house and became friends with Maggie Simpson. Chris was seen sitting next to Maggie at the dinner table and watching her suck her pacifier. He yanked the pacifier out and used it himself, making her cry and take it back. When she took it back, Chris started crying, but then Maggie took another one of her pacifiers and gave it to him, and they both enjoyed pacifier sucking together. Chris was later seen with Brian, while he was walking Santa's Little Helper. When Santa's Little Helper got loose, Chris and Brian had to start chasing after him, but had no luck and lost him. Chris and Brian then had to cover for him being gone, by having Brian make dog noises, but then Chris joined in, making more dog noises, trying to create a "broad story" and went crazy doing a bunch of voice impressions. At the end of the episode, Santa's Little Helper came back to The Simpson House, getting Chris and Brian off the hook. After this, Chris and the rest of his family went back home to Quahog.


Chris is an overweight teenage boy with long, shaggy blonde hair and medium skin. He wears a blue t-shirt, black sweatpants, white sneakers with red stripes and an orange baseball cap with black on the back. He is also very handsome, having a face that looks similar his father's, having the same kind of eyes, nose and chin.


Chris is the sort of person who greets every day with a smile and enthusiasm. People often think of Chris as a younger version of his father, but he possesses more good qualities, such as being relaxed, humorous, kindhearted and intelligent, well-known for having a specific knowledge about TV shows, films, actors, actresses, tropes, techniques to making a film good or bad, etc. Chris is also a natural leader who is concerned about the well-beings of his peers and convinces them to rally up together to stand up for what they believe in. Chris will often go out of his way to fight for his rights or avoid boredom, and often in interesting ways that involve trickery, rule-breaking and elaborate practical jokes. His fun personality has put him at the top of the high school popularity list at James Woods High School, along with his sister Meg's rival Connie D'Amico, and her cronies, Doug and Gina. He also has had a number of girlfriends throughout the series' run. Despite all this, he has had his share of trouble, such as insecurity about his weight and, as a running gag, constantly believing that there is an "Evil Monkey" in his bedroom closet. He also tends to slip into slang, using words like "dude" when referring to males and "dudette" to females. He enjoys many things, from comic books to horror-and-gore films to baseball to Mexican food. Chris arguably the most diverse character in the franchise along with Stewie and Brian, and even has the unusual ability for a teenager to move throughout different social cliques at school without showing prejudice of any sort. Overall, Chris is the most fun-loving and optimistic member of the Griffin family who is definitely NOT like other boys his age and hopes that the best years of his life will always be with him, as far as his family and friends are concerned.

Episode Appearances


  • Chris' full name, "Christopher Cross Griffin" is an homage to the songwriter of the same name.
  • Chris has the same birthday as his voice actor, Seth Green, which is February 8th; his astrological sign is Aquarius.
  • Despite being overweight, Chris is shown to be very strong for someone his size and age: Neil: "How are you so freakishly strong for someone so fat?!" (from "The Kiss Seen Around The World") Brian: "For someone who loves French bread pizza, he can drag quite a load," (from "Meg Stinks!")
  • As of the episode "Fresh Heir", Chris has become the sole heir to the Pewterschmidt fortune.
  • Chris, like Meg, must be a good student, because in the episode "Peter's Got Woods", he says he has never flunked a class before, but he also says "I don't even like algebra that much".
  • Chris is the only member of the Griffin family to have blonde hair. This would seem odd, given that his mother and father have orange and brown hair, respectively. The reason for this is because Lois was originally going to be given blonde hair before it was changed to orange.
  • Chris has chronic foot odor, but he is very sensitive about it; Connie: Ugh! What is that stench? Chris, did you take off your shoes again? (from "And The Wiener Is...")

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