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Chief of Hearts

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Chief of Hearts
The Squirt and the Whale
Chief of Hearts
Chief of Hearts
Episode Number 459
Production Code MABF09
Original Airdate April 18 , 2010
Blackboard Text This counts as gym and art class.
Title Screen Kang and Kodos fly by in an UFO
Billboard Mr Burns - "Death and Taxes. Two Things I Avoid"
Couch Gag Homer is a salad, Lisa is a soup, Marge is a spaghetti dinner, Bart is a steak, and Maggie is a peppermint, all eaten by Comic Book Guy at a fancy restaurant.
Special Guest Voices Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Constance Harm
Maurice LaMarche
Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony
Show Runner(s) Al Jean
Written By Carolyn Omine & William Wright
Directed By Chris Clements

"Chief of Hearts" is the eighteenth episode of Season 21, which aired on April 18, 2010. The episode was written by Carolyn Omine and William Wright and was directed by Chris Clements. The episode features guest appearances by Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Constance Harm, Maurice LaMarche and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony.


Homer and Chief Wiggum become close friends during Homer's community service stint, but when Homer leaves Wiggum's side during his recuperation to go to Moe's, the Chief takes offense; Bart becomes addicted to "battel balls" a Bakugan (a Japanese game with cards and plastic balls that turn into creatures) spoof. Marge believes that Bart is on drugs, because she overhears him saying that they're "addictive and imported."

Homer and Chief Wiggum

Full StoryEdit

The show starts when Homer tries to hide his candy apple before going to the bank. Upon entering, everyone thinks Homer has a gun (his hand is still in his pocket), and he is arrested, but not sent to jail. The penalty instead is community service, but Homer thinks jail would be better. Homer is completing his community service when he befriends his supervisor, Chief Wiggum, by offering him one of his sandwiches. Touched by the act of kindness, Wiggum assigns the other convicts unpleasant tasks, but allows Homer to join him at the picnic table. They continue to grow close, but when the Chief gets injured during a botched bank robbery, Homer doesn’t come through when Wiggum needs him the most to make a dinner reservation. Homer and Wiggum's friendship slowly dissolve, and everything that Homer sees reminds him of Wiggum. Homer then tries to make things up by offering Clancy a bucket of chicken. However, just when all seems lost, Fat Tony and his men are seen stitching their own logos on designer shrits. The Chief and Homer are soon taken hostage when Wiggum tries to confront Tony and his men with a piece of chicken, which he mistook for his gun. In the trunk of Tony's limo, Homer and Wiggum make amends, and Wiggum uses his tongue to rearrange the C.D. player in the back of the car. Louie goes back to chech the C.D. player when one of his C.D.s was played instead of Tony's dramatic music. While Wiggum takes out Louie with some tire repair gel, Homer disarms the other mobsters with a tool he found. After Tony and his men are arrested, Homer and Wiggum take the chopper out to Flanders house. They pretend to be God, and Homer orders Ned to take off his clothes, shave his mustache, and drink the hairs in a cup of cold cocoa.

Meanwhile, Bart becomes addicted to Bakugan, a Japanese game made up of plastic balls and magnetic cards, and his family and teachers try to help him kick the habit. This is because they think he is on drugs. After finding out it's only a game, Marge finds it cool. Thus Bart gives it up because he thinks that if parents like it, it can't be cool. Then Bart throws his whole set into the toilet.

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