Chazz Busby Ballet Academy is a ballet academy for women and girls owned by Chazz Busby.


After Marge saw a commercial for the academy, she auditioned for it as she was one of those little girls who always wanted to take ballet but never got the opportunity. Although Busby let her pass, he remained bitter about Marge's performance. While dancing, Marge did an impossibly high stretch with her leg, causing it to got stuck. Busby kicked Marge out, insulting her. An angry Lisa decided to defend Marge and while berating Busby, he noticed Lisa's posture was perfect for a ballerina. He then gave a place in his academy to Lisa. Marge was ecstatic as she realized she could live her dreams vicariously through Lisa.

However, no matter how hard she practiced, Lisa soon turned out to be terrible. During the break, all ballerinas instead of Lisa started smoking. Lisa inhaled a large entity of the cigarette's smoke. When the break was done, Lisa learned that she performed better than ever and thought that second-hand smoke was what made her excel.

Another day, it is too windy to inhale the smoke during the break, so Lisa decided to actually smoke a cigarette. However, Homer arrived and snatched cigarette out of her hand. He didn't tell Marge, but had Bart tail Lisa.

Lisa promised to not smoke again, but she did. To give her a lesson, Homer, with a help from a raccoon, got rid of all cigarettes during the big ballet recital, making ballerinas went out of control without smoking. Lisa then told the appalled audience that ballet was something America had forced onto students. She then quitted, prompting Busby to evacuate the town.