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In Them, Robot, Mr. Burns hired many robots to work in the place of people at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Known robots include:

  • L23
  • J18
  • M37
  • B29
  • E28 (the one that holds Homer's box of stuff)
  • LA6 (Smithers' replacement)
  • E38 (the one that Homer works with)
  • E01 (the other one that Homer works with)
  • A27 (the one that zaps Homer, has prime directive changed)
  • Q15 (the one that Homer passes in the hall)
  • F13 (the one that Homer crashes into)
  • E15 (the other one that Homer breaks)
  • E03 (the one that Homer fixes)
  • D39 (Homer's friend)
  • R72 (the one that takes Homer's beer)
  • P75 (the one at the robot funeral)
  • E56 (the other one at the robot funeral)
  • G09 (the one that the prime directive was changed on)
  • F17 (the other one that turned evil)
  • A63 (the one that Homer goes fishing with)
  • C71 (his head serves as Bart's terarium for his turtle)