The Channel 4 logo, seen in this ident

The first Channel 4 'Simpsons' ident is a television ident that was introduced on July 13, 2007, this one that airs on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

On January 26, 2014, an edited version of the ident was used as part of the couch gag for Season 25's Specs and the City.[1]

It was replaced by a new ident on September 29, 2015, when Channel 4 rebranded.


Homer puts his six pack of beer on his hammock and jumps on the hammock. The beer flies into the air, landing on overhead cables. He climbs up the tree to try and retrieve it. He keeps trying to sip it, getting shocked. He hangs onto the tree until night time. He then tries again, causing power surges that appear in the shape of a 4 in an overhead view of Springfield.


This occasionally aired, just before an episode of The Simpsons on Channel 4 until the channel was re-branded in September 2015 without the logo.

Idents from November 5, 2004 with 'Moving Bars'

  • Homer (in his farm clothes) seen trying to catch an holographic 4 surrounded by street lights. (See E-I-E-I-D'oh)
  • Homer running in the live-action woods.
  • Maggie being tugged back on a white line surrounded by flickers of white-tubed lights. (See Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder)
  • Bart punching and kicking three 4's out of the field and kicks one to its native place in front of a violet background.
  • Homer, Bart, Milhouse, Maggie and Snowball II with the Duff Blimp are seen falling in front of vapor trails.