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Starring Edit

1 Generally, Nancy Cartwright voices Maggie Simpson's sound effects such as squeaks, giggles, burps etc. However, other people have occasionally voiced her as well: Yeardley Smith provided her squeaks early on in the series, Elizabeth Taylor guest voiced as her in "Lisa's First Word", James Earl Jones voiced her in "Treehouse of Horror V", using his Darth Vader voice, Harry Shearer voiced her in "Treehouse of Horror IX", using his Kang voice and Jodie Foster voiced an adult Maggie in "Four Great Women and a Manicure".
2 Azaria did not become a main cast member until Season 2, before then he was credited as either Also Starring or Guest Star.

Also Starring Edit

Christopher Collins

Recurring Special Guest Voices Edit

Including cast with 5+ appearances. See List of guest stars for a complete list of characters.


1 Credited as "A. Brooks". During season 1, he was credited as "Also Starring".
2 Credited both as "Special Guest Voice" and "Also Starring".

Producers Edit

Writers Edit

Former WritersEdit

  • Matt Groening


  • Seasons 1-2: Matt Groening, James L. Brooks & Sam Simon
  • Season 3-4: Al Jean & Mike Reiss
  • Season 5-6: David Mirkin
  • Season 7-8: Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein
  • Season 9-12: Mike Scully
  • Season 13-present: Al Jean

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