This article is about the Carmen Electra character. For the actress, please see Carmen Electra.

Carmen Electra is a co-host on the reality TV show Frame Up.

In the episode of Frame Up in which Homer and Marge appeared, Electra disguised herself as Myrna Bellamy, an elderly woman who manipulated them into becoming her de facto personal servants. Myrna Bellamy's murder was then staged. Homer and Marge were convicted of the crime and sentenced to death, but the charges against Marge were dropped when Homer confessed to being solely responsible for the murder.

When Homer was sitting in the electric chair waiting for the switch to be thrown, the setup was revealed: Electra walked onto the stage in her Myrna Bellamy disguise, showing that Myrna Bellamy hadn't been murdered. Then she removed the disguise, revealing herself as Carmen Electra.

A disgusted Homer lectured Electra about toying with people's lives for the sake of TV ratings, but he was talking to her chest the whole time. When Electra pointed that out to him ("Homer? My face is up here."), Homer said, "I've made my choice," and continued staring at her chest.

Behind the Laughter

Carmen Electra has actually been a TV show host in real life, taking on that role for the MTV game show Singled Out for the last season and a half of its run.