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Cards is a computer-animated movie from DreamWorks released in summer 2005.


Homer and Marge saw a trailer for the movie at Springfield Googolplex Theatres.


  • Eddie Murphy as the deck of cards who is arrested by police cards because he thought a king was a queen.
  • A young 3 card who wants to be a 7.
  • The 3 cards father a 5 who thinks he's crazier than an 8.
  • Jack a card playing cards with other cards when one asks if he's got any 2s, he say he can't handle the 2s.

Behind the Laughter

  • The movie is a parody of many real-life computer-animated movies,..
  • The trailer references the 1992 film A Few Good Men when a card says "You can't handle the two," a play on the popular phrase from the film "You can't handle the truth".


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