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Captain Lance Murdock

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Lance Murdock
Captain Lance Murdock
Sex Male
Hair Gray
Occupation Stunt Devil
First Appearance Bart the Daredevil
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta

Captain Lance Murdock is a professional stunt devil who broke every single bone in his body while doing his stunts. He inspired Bart Simpson to become a daredevil and convinced him personally to jump over Springfield Gorge on a skateboard[1]. After Homer was hospitalized after he had unintentionally gone through with going over the Gorge in Bart's place anyway, he was then told by Homer to try raising Bart, Lisa, and Maggie if he really thinks he is all that.

Murdock later reappeared to do a stunt at Las Vegas. Homer decided to volunteer, as Ned Flanders was unwilling to risk his life for the stunt. The stunt was for him to go through rings of fire, ice, and dog poo while unlocking a safe box combination. He ends up seriously injured due to Homer getting up BEFORE the stunt was completed (although apparently having survived, given the fact that the announcer said, "He's all right!").[2]

When Homer was breaking bad news to a woman about her husband over Springfield Gorge, when he told her the bad news, she fainted and fell into the gorge and landed on Murdock's motercycle that he was using doing a stunt, They Both Presumably Died or Were seriously injured because of the Extra Weight. Homer told his family the story and after Lisa asked if they made it, Homer replied, “No...big crash. Less said, the better.”[3]


His last name, Murdock, is the same last name as Matt Murdock otherwise known as the Marvel Comics superhero Daredevil.

His name is used in the video game, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey as a place holder for the protagonist in the instruction booklet of the game.

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