"Candle in the Wound" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. It is the only Itchy & Scratchy episode to air during a Treehouse of Horror episode.


Bart and Lisa get sucked into the TV thanks to a radioactive remote. They watch Itchy decapitate Scratchy when he trick or treats at his house and use his head in the manner of a Jack-o-lantern.

Bart and Lisa laugh uproariously, which insults Itchy & Scratchy because they don't like their pain being laughed at. Scratchy re-attaches his head to his body, declares what the duo did was mean, and forms a partnership with Itchy to "teach them a lesson". They then throw deadly objects at Bart and Lisa. But ss they try to escape, the hated character Poochie passes by, but he is run down by their car. They escape from the car, and wind up on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee in a pot of soup because Homer changed the channel. Bart and Lisa return to Itchy and Scratchy's house when he changes the channel back. Lisa urges Homer to press the "exit" button, which gets her and Bart (whose body was devoured from the neck down by piranhas, leaving only his skeleton) out of the TV. She presses the "rewind" button on the remote to restore Bart's flesh, but unfortunately, Itchy and Scratchy smash through the screen. However, they emerge the same size as their real animal equivalents, and they are therefore harmless. Homer decides to make Itchy a pet, and Scratchy falls in love with Snowball II. However, Marge decides to neuter him, causing Scratchy to scream.

Behind the Laughter

The title is a pun on Elton John’s hit, “Candle in the Wind”.