Camp Land-A-Man is a girls-only summer camp that teaches girls proper etiquette and posture.


Marge, Patty, Selma, Helen Lovejoy, Luann Van Houten, Cookie Kwan, and other girls were sent to Camp Land-A-Man for a summer. Among other things, they learned the finer points of manners such as depriving themselves dessert, walking with their heels together, and using the correct utensils during meals.

The boys from Camp See-A-Tree, the boys-only camp across the lake, were sent to Camp Land-A-Man for an evening. At first they were excited about getting to visit the girls' camp, but were quickly disappointed when they learned they were being sent there to wash dishes in the kitchen.


  • The camp has its own alumnae directory website, A website with the domain does not exist.

Behind the laughter

  • Camp Land-A-Man is a parody of finishing schools in general, which in the USA largely passed out of fashion in the 1960s.

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