Camp Deadly is a Summer Camp that doubled as a prison camp.

The Brochures imply that the activities are Birdwatch tours and Nature Walks, along with Fun and Games and Weenies/singalongs by the campfire. However, this actually turns out to be false. The real activities are Capture the Flag (which are usually played with one person against everyone else in the camp.). Also, the menu was at best unappealing, and at worst was flat out inedible, with food including Tofu Burgers, Kelp Burgers, Broccoli, Crabapples, Fr

Bart playing capture the flag.

ied Smelts., Liver Pizza, and Prune Ice Cream. There are also nuclear pipes strewn about the camp, with campers being able to get into them easily. A notable landmark is Mt. Deadly, a treacherous mountain that often has had people killed, and has people hurling rocks down. Mt. Deadly is both figuratively and literally the border of Camp Deadly (as people have to traverse the mountain in order to enter and/or exit the camp). Outside the camp is a Power Station that supplies power to the Camp. The Camp also possesses a Brig for people who end up going against Ironfist Burns, or just placed in there for his amusement.[1] Bart and Lisa Simpson went to this camp after being tricked by the brochure. Their first day at the camp made them realize that the camp wasn't what the brochure made it out to be and that it was a nightmare. They decided to escape through Mt. Deadly, and after outsmarting the warden of the camp, Ironfist Burns, managed to not only escape, but also shut down the camp permanently by switching off the power supply.
250px-Camp Deadly

Bart and Lisa shutting off the power to Camp Deadly on top of MT. Deadly.


Notes and References

  1. If the player gets a game over, the game over screen has Bart and Lisa behind a barred door with the words "brig" on it, as well as Ironfist Burns taunting them.