I have mountaineered to the utmost, but the peak is unclimbable. Worse still, that treacherous skunk Abe Simpson stole my oxygen and tried to eat my left arm. Tell my beloved wife that my last thoughts were of her... blinding and torturing Abe Simpson. Cheerio.
―C. W. McAllister's last journal entry

C. W. McAllister was a mountain climber in the winter of 1928.


C. W. McAllister with Abe Simpson


In the winter of 1928, the Butter Baby Flap Jack company sponsored him and Abe Simpson to climb The Murderhorn, a huge mountain. Abe took a bite out of his arm and stole his oxygen. In defense, McAllister pushed him down the mountain (surprisingly, Abe survived, although it was implied that this may have been a lie crafted by Abe Simpson). He then sought shelter in a nearby cave where he wrote an entry in his journal about his last thoughts of his wife blinding and torturing Abe Simpson. He likely died of altitude sickness, as Abe stole his oxygen.

Later, when Homer Simpson attempted to climb the summit, he found McAllister's body and rode down the mountain with it. When Dr. Hibbert inspected the body and discovered the bitemark on his arm, the gathered crowd proceeded to exchange prolonged looks at Abe Simpson, with Abe claiming they're all crazy until his dentures fell out and proceeded to match the bite marks perfectly, implying that the townspeople secretly suspected that Abe was responsible for C. W. McAllister's death, or at the very least they immediately suspected Abe of being the one who tried to eat him.


C. W. McAllister's body

Behind the Laughter

  • He mentions that he has a wife in his journal.
  • His first initials, C.W., are revealed on the front of his journal.
  • It is never mentioned if he is related to the Sea Captain or not, whose last name is also McAllister.