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C. C. Lemon is a drink in Japan. The Simpsons produced 5 advertisements for them from 2000 to 2002.

# First Aired Title Length Description
1 2000 Watching TV 15 seconds The Simpsons watching TV as a family, and enjoying CC Lemon.
2 2000 Bart and Homer Without Clothes 15 seconds Bart and Homer are naked in the kitchen.
3 2000 The Forgetting Family 15 seconds Homer, Lisa and Bart each forget something while drinking CC Lemon.
4 2001 Baseball Stadium CC Lemon 15 seconds Homer orders a 500mL CC Lemon at a baseball game, but the rest of the family drinks it all before he can get any.
5 2002 Homer Surfing at the Beach 30 seconds A sleeping Homer wins a surf competition.
C. C. Lemon

CC Lemon bottles to celebrate the New Year (2001-2002)

Other Commercials

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