Cöuch Gag Manual couch gag
Adventure Time

The Cöuch Gag Manual Couch Gag, also known as the Build Your Own Couch Gag is the couch gag from the Season 27 finale Orange is the New Yellow. It was made by Michal Socha.


In the Simpsons living room, Marge suggests building a couch, so Homer orders one from a store and tries to assemble it. He fails, so he decides to steal the Flanders' couch.

Character Appearances


  • The animation and the plot itself are completely inspired by IKEA manuals.
  • In the credits, Couch is stylized to Cöuch, but on the couch gag itself, it's spelled as Coüch.
    • That's also a reference to IKEA's Sweedish nationality.
  • Before this couch gag, when Homer is being run over by the Orange Station Wagon in the opening sequence, he's already holding the couch manual.
  • The music is "Computer in Love" by Perrey and Kingsley.