The Pacifier
Burp Contest
Eating Dinner
Marge: What are you kids doing now?
Bart: We're having a ... [burp noise] contest, Mom.
Marge: What?
Lisa: We're having a burp contest, Mom.
Marge: Well, knock it off. I do not allow burping in this house. (leaves)
Bart: I love Mom...
Lisa: But ...
Bart: The show must go on.

Marge: Bart!
Bart: [his mouth shut] What?
Marge: What did I say about burping?
Bart: [shrugs, his mouth shut] I dunno.
Marge: I said, no burping. And when I say no burping, what do I mean?
Bart: [his mouth shut] No burping.
Marge: That's right. No burping. I know you won't disappoint me.

Bart: Watch this. The burp champion of the world. (burps again)
Marge: Burp, I mean, Bart, are you burping again?
Bart: Maybe.
Marge: What is it with this burping? Why? What's the thrill?
Lisa: It's fun.
Marge: It's crude. It's vulgar. It's, it's impolite. And, and it's nauseating. :leaves the room
Lisa: That's what I said. It's fun.
Bart: I'm still the burp champion of the world.
Maggie: (makes a higher pitched burp)
Lisa: Bart, meet the new champ.
Bart: Watch this! (burps twice)
Lisa: Oh yeah? (burps twice)
Marge: How many times do I have to tell you kids? I absolutely forbid burping in this household.
Homer: How's it goin', everybody? (burps heavily) Oops. Pardon my French, heh heh heh.
Lisa: Thanks, Dad.
Bart: Good one, Dad.

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