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Burns' Alien

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Montgomery Burns
Sex Male
Status Fictional
Hair None (really Gray)
Occupation See Charles Montgomery Burns
Relatives See Charles Montgomery Burns
First Appearance "The Springfield Files"
Voiced By Harry Shearer

The Burns' Alien is an alien that was actually Mr. Burns. Smithers states that Burns receives longevity treatment (including a spinal adjustment, eye drop dilation, pain-killer injection, and vocal-cord scraping) once a week to cheat death for the next seven days; this leaves him twisted and disoriented (and with a sweet heavenly voice). Back to his normal self, Burns reveals that his apparent healthy green glow is due to many years of working in a nuclear plant, and then renounces his promises of peace and love and instead says that he brings famine and hatred. Before he can say anything else negative, Burns receives a booster shot from Dr. Nick and everyone sings "Good Morning Starshine" along with him.

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