Bart Gets an Elephant
Burns' Heir
Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song


  • Bart demands that Krusty the Clown deliver a pizza to him. He is then perplexed as to how can Krusty be delivering a pizza and on live television at the same time. Krusty says he is just playing a rerun, and says that no one can tell the difference, but during the show, Krusty halts the show and says that Argentina has just invaded the Falkland Islands.
  • Ironically, Bart does end up having legitimate standings of an heir to Mr. Burns in terms of blood relation status, as it turns out that The Simpsons are actually distant relatives of the Burns Family.
  • Next to Lionel Hutz's agency is a shop called The Creamatorium, where ice cream is sold.
  • Moe looks to be one of the richest people in Springfield, but his flat looks very poor.
  • In one of Burns's videos, a drinking Reverend Lovejoy is seen.
  • At George Lucas's AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony, the clip of the Simpsons watching the THX promo at the Aztec Theater was shown as an example of Lucas's impact on pop culture. This clip was later used as a real THX promo played before The Simpsons Movie in THX-suppported theaters.


  • When Mr. Burns falls down the trapdoor, Smithers tells Burns to land on Lenny's carcass, assuming that Lenny is dead, he isn't.
  • In the opening sequence, Homer's "D'oh!" followed by his scream when Marge arrives isn't heard.
  • There is a secret door near in Burns Manor, but it isn't shown in one scene.
  • In one clip, Lisa stands near the couch. In another clip, she sits on it and then she stands again.
  • Bart and Mr. Burns were able to get into the room with cameras despite the only door in the room leading to the one with the actors.
  • Mr. Burns said that he couldn't have children because of his inactive sperm, but would later be revealed that he has a child called Larry. However, Larry is an illegitimate child, and Burns might of not known of his existence.
  • When Smithers sees that Mr. Burns is drowning, the cloth disappears.
  • When Mr. Burns shows Bart the video of Homer, Marge and Lisa saying they don't miss them; there are only four lines to the script and when the fake Homer says 'B'oh', Mr. Burns goes through about 25 pages of script to get to 'D'oh'.
  • At the foot of the steps to Burns Manor, there is a door-like indentation on the wall that appears and disappears between shots. This is because of a deleted scene where Burns scares off Homer through the use of a robotic Richard Simmons. The deleted scene can be seen in the 138th Episode Spectacular.

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