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(Referring to Nelson's birthday party) Is that legal?
―Buck-toothed boy[src]

The buck-toothed boy is a student seen in both Bart and Lisa's classes. He is known for a single tooth that is always showing from his mouth. He seems to be good friends with Richard.


When Itchy & Scratchy's format changed, every kid in Springfield started playing outside. He played pirates in his treehouse with the neighbors.[1] He was once stuck inside Springfield Elementary School with other students when the school was snowed in.[2] Nelson's business, Snot Wheels, either fixed his bike or upgraded it, but it fell apart and he was one of the angry customers that turned up to complain.[3]

Behind the LaughterEdit

He has been seen in the classrooms of both Lisa and Bart, although more often in the latter. So far he spoke twice.


  • In some episodes he is seen not wearing his blue jacket.
  • He is often mistaken for Chuck.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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