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The Brazilian yes guy is the possible brother of The Yes Guy . He is a lookalike to him and first appeared in the season 13 episode 15: Blame it on Lisa. He was only in it for a short sequence in the restaurant, when Lisa slashed up a map with a sword into two pieces. He was working as a waiter there, where Homer poked his butt with the sword. Like his relative, he annoyingly exclaims 'a-si'. When Homer writes the cheque, he also exclaims 'a-si'.


Like his so-called long lost brother, he is also voiced by Dan Castellaneta . Homer did not find him as annoying as his brother. His Portuguese accent does not feature in the episode, but his trademark 'Eeh-siiiiiiii' is featured. Note that he does not have all the behaviour of his fellow relative. He is just a variation of his brother.

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