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The boy with freckles is an unnamed boy at Springfield Elementary School.


He made his first appearance in a commercial in "Radio Bart". The commerical he appeared in was advertising the Superstar Celebrity Microphone. He used the microphone to sing a song as other kids joined him.

It was the only time he was heard speaking. It was revealed that he's a fourth grader in "The Good, the Sad and the Drugly". His teacher is Mrs. McConnell.

He made an appearance in another commercial in "Yellow Subterfuge", which shows him watching a submarine fly over his head as the words Yvan Eht Nioj flashed across the screen of the TV.


He usually is seen wearing a red shirt, blue shorts, white socks with a red stripe, and blue shoes. In "Yellow Subterfuge", he was seen wearing a blue sweater, long olive green pants, and black shoes.

His appearance can vary, since he is a secondary character. He has freckles and either brown or orange hair. He also has either white or yellow skin. In "Judge Me Tender", he wore red swimming trunks and a white shirt on the beach.


  • He bears some resemblance to Danny.


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