The Simpsons Hit & Run Consists of many playable vehicles, but there are also some vehicles that are only playable by entering a Bonus Cars cheat. This cheat will only work if you have 100% completion. This includes gags, clothing, wasp cameras, etc. You can check these out on the main menu by selecting the scrap book, or on the game by opening up the pause menu and selecting ‘Level Progress’.

Once you have 100% completion, you enter the code on the main menu options. These are the codes:

-          PS2

o   Hold L1 & R1 whilst entering X, O, X, O

-          Xbox

o   Hold both triggers down whilst entering A, B, A, B

-          Gamecube

o   Hold L & R down whilst entering A, B, A, B

-          Microsoft Windows

o   Hold F1 down whilst entering up, down, up, down

This is a list of all the playable cars once the code is entered:

-          “Vote Quimby” Truck

-          Ambulance

-          ATV

-          Burns Armored Truck

-          cBone

-          Cell Phone Car A

-          Cell Phone Car B

-          Cell Phone Car C

-          Cell Phone Car D

-          Coffin Car

-          Compact Car

-          Cube Van

-          Ferrini – Black

-          Fish Van

-          Garbage Truck

-          Ghost Ship

-          Glastruc

-          Hallo Hearse

-          Ice Cream Truck

-          Itchy & Scratchy Movie Truck

-          Knight Boat

-          Milk Truck

-          Mini School Bus

-          Minivan

-          Monorail Car

-          Nonuplets Minivan

-          Nuclear Waste Truck

-          Obliteratatron Big Wheel Truck

-          Pickup

-          Pizza Van

-          Planet Hype 50’s Car

-          R/C Buggy

-          Redbrick

-          Sedan A

-          Sedan B

-          Speed Rocket

-          Sports Car A

-          Sports Car B

-          Station Wagon

-          SUV

-          Taxi

-          Witch Broom

-          WW2 Vehicle w/Rocket