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Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Brown Fur
Occupation Mr. Burns' teddy bear
Relatives Owner: Charles Montgomery Burns
Former Owners: Maggie Simpson
Adolf Hitler
First Appearance "Rosebud"
Voiced By Non-speaking
For the police sniffer dog, see: Bobo
Don't do the same mistake that I did.
―Mr. Burns offering Bobo to Maggie

Bobo is Mr. Burns's beloved teddy bear. Bobo was once in the Antarctic Area and in the possession of Adolf Hitler.

After ending up in the Kwik-E-Mart, he returns to Mr. Burns. Burns sparks a city-wide search to find him offering a large reward and he is found in Maggie's care.

Burns offers Homer a lot of money in return for the bear but Homer declines as Maggie loves it too much. Maggie eventually gives it to Burns.

It was still seen with Mr. Burns and was apparently fixed up, and Mr. Smithers supplied him to Mr. Burns after the latter ended up injured from a fight between Homer and Smithers.

Young Burns

Young Mr. Burns holding young Bobo

In 1,000,000 AD, some apes discover Bobo and Mr. Burns (now a cyborg) grabbed him. He says, "Bobo, I know I say this every century, but I'll never leave you behind again," implying that the same thing happens every century.


  • Bobo means fool in Spanish and Portuguese.


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