Bob's Burgers is a cartoon on FOX about a family who owns a burger restaurant.

Bob's Burgers on The Simpsons

  • Bob, Gene, Tina, Linda, and Louise appear at the end of Homerland.
  • Bob appears in The Simpsons Guy.
  • During The Girl Code, when Lisa was testing Conrad, Bob is one of the test subjecs.
  • On The Simpsons 600th Episode Hedonismbot said "Top This Bob's Burgers"
  • Bob, Gene, Tina, Linda, and Louise will team up with the Simpson family for a Bob's Burgers/Simpsons crossover couch gag that will be shown in the Season 30 premiere.[1]
  • Bob's Burgers couch gag, where Homer ends up inside Bob's Burgers restaurant; the Belcher family makes an appearance.

The Simpsons on Bob's Burgers

  • One of Tina's erotic fan fictions is titled "Sexy Simpsons".
  • In "The Oeder Games", Bob does the same thing Homer does in "Homer Loves Flanders" by walking backwards into the bushes without looking behind them.
  • In "Paraders of the Lost Float" The Belchers On The Float Have T- Shirt Guns Like In The Simpsons Episode "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" When Maude Flanders dies.
  • In "Family Fracas" Pam says the line "I sentence to kiss my ass" like the judge said in Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers".