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Blazed and Confused
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Cultural references

  • The episode title is a pun of the 1993 film Dazed and Confused.
  • Jason makes a short appearance behind a forest ranger right before killing her, when Homer tries to book a cabin for a camping trip over the phone.
  • A website called Facelook parodies Facebook.
  • Blazing Guy festival is a parody of Burning Man festival. At one point, one of the participants mentions Burning Man instead of Blazing Guy.
  • When Mr. Lassen punches through the wall between the fourth and second grades, Milhouse puts his nose in the hole and says "Here's Milie!" That's a reference to a famous The Shining scene "Here's Johnny!" This scene was already referenced in Treehouse of Horror V segment "The Shinning".



  • Mr. Lassen cut Bart's hair, however it is ABH (actual bodily harm) to cut someone's hair without permission.
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