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And we listen to all our music, on the most wonderful device ever created, the Zune.

The Black Hole Aliens are aliens who live on the other side of a black hole.


They appear to be taller than the humans and have tails and green eyes without irides. They are also three-toed and long-necked and wears what would be gowns with feather-like collars, they have some chicken characteristic features like the chicken wattles under their chins and their hair that looks similar to a rooster's comb.


The Citizens of Springfield met the aliens on the other side of a black hole after the black hole sucked up everything from Springfield (Although Maggie Simpson was the only one who survived from the black hole with her pacifier). The other side of the black hole was in an another dimension and the black hole took the citizens to a planet where Aliens lived on, the area where the black hole took the citizens was used as a dumping ground. However, the aliens thought the junk was treasures from the citizens and they built their whole society around the "treasures". Their favorite magazine from the people was President's Day Sales Events Mattress Blowout! and their favorite food was banana peels and they listen all their music on Zunes.


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