EA's Bite Night is a mini game exclusively on the Wii version of The Simpsons Game. It parodies to EA's Fight Night.


You are Homer. The objective is to get more points than your opponent by eating. If you eat healthy food you will lose points.

The Quick and the Starved

Shake the Nunchulk to get food from the left and Wii Remote from the right. Try to eat food (unless it is healthy) before your opponent gets it.

The Fat and the Furious

In this version, you must shake to eat the food on your plate. Hold B and swipe the Wii remote to get rid of healthy food, and when you have enough power, press A to burp in the opponent's face.


  • White Chocolate Rabbit (found in the Land of Chocolate)
  • Barney (Around the World in 80 Bites)
  • Comic Book Guy (Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers
  • Akira (Game Over)

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