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"Convert the Heathens!"

Convert the heathens!
Rod Flanders[src]

Billy Graham's Bible Blaster is a religious video game Rod and Todd Flanders play, it cheered them up when their mother died. Bart seems to enjoy the game as he wouldn't let Rod and Todd have a go.

Gameplay Edit

The object of the game is to shoot bibles at heathens and convert them to Christianity. To win the player must turn 10 heathens into Christians in a limited amount of time. 125 points are awarded for a successful shot, and 25 points are deducted after a miss. A partial conversion will make the heathen a Unitarian.

Behind the laughter Edit

  • It is based on the unlicensed NES game Spiritual Warfare, where, like Billy Graham's Bible Blaster, the player is encouraged to "convert the heathens" by shooting them.
  • On the official Simpsons website it is featured as a minigame on Rod's character biography.

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